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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 | |

To answer the question that people ask when they see my pics of beautiful women in a state of near undress. "Atlanta has a burlesque scene?" Yep, we sure do.

To my knowledge Atlanta supports three burlesque troupes: The Dollsquad (including Calu's 'Lil `GoGo Peepshow and Sadie and Barb's Blast Off Burlesque), The Dames-A-Flame (including Kingsized and Dames A Flame A Go Go), and Big City Burlesque.

What's the diff between the troupes?

The Dollsquad is mostly rock and roll, think The Pussycat Dolls with a Southern twang.

The Dames are vaudevillian in the broadest sense, dirty jokes included.

Though I've not seen Big City Burlesque, I've been told by insiders that their act is Old School authentic, vintage costumes and all.

If you know of any other troupes in the area, PLEASE let me know.


Sadie said...

Awesome idea to create this, Marc!

Blast-Off Burlesque is a unique creation, separate from DollSquad. Blast-Off is a collective, really, and we're looking for all sorts of performers - what we're looking for is explained on our Web site. Barb and I will still be performing with DollSquad (because it's so fun and we love the girls so much).

I'm also aware of the Dixie Pistols and Good & Plenty. They're queer burlesque - transgressive blends of burlesque and gender commentary. It looks like a few of the performers with these groups will occasionally perform with Blast-Off.

Torchy Taboo is forming a new group, too, I think. More info to come, I'm sure.

By the way, you really need to check out Big City. They're phenomenal.

It's so great that Atlanta can support such a diverse and talented scene. I'm glad to be a part of it, and glad that you're documenting it.

The Atlanta Burlesque Review said...

Yo Sadie!

I can't wait to catch your new work with Blast Off and thanks for stopping by my new burlesque blog.

I've been looking for a place to talk about one of the coolest aspects of Atlanta nightlife and I think I've found the medium.

I didn't know about the Dixie Pistols and Good & Plenty and it looks like they're putting on a performance this Saturday, November 4th but it's at the women-only venue My Sister's Room so I don't think I'll be able to cover them (super drat!) but maybe I can send a correspondent. I will add them to my blog schedule regardless.

I've seen Torchy Taboo perform and she's just marvelous. If you find out when she's going to put a show together please put it here.

Anonymous said...

Very good work, I saw some of your stuff on Flickr, as I am a member also, and I live in Buford, GA. Do you shoot film or digital? And what a fascinating subject to shoot, I wish they had that in Buford!