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Show Date: Friday 12/8/2006

So this was the end kinda. All in all it was a good show considering the performers didn't get to practice day-of-show as is the normal prep for The Dollsquad. The standout routines were Calu's Sacred Heart Blue Nun and Sadie's and Barb's Beefeater act. There was one thing that did make me want to run for the exit and it's truly a "me" thing: Torchy Taboo literally made a sandwich of herself using mayonaisse and peanut butter. Two of my personal worst smells. I'd post a picture but I'm not sure you want to see it as the peanut butter reminds one of...well y'know. Anyway, I'll get over it. And she's still my favorite not-so-local performer.

Naughtalie (baby got back!), Yellow Fever, and Suzi did wonderful work. Yellow Fever made me so horny (her words not mine). For some reason Suzi's breasts were more pneumatic than I remember (she took a spill that I think was intentional and I swear her body floated due to their influence).

So what am I gonna do now? Blast Off Burlesque AND Dames Aflame both have shows on Saturday. See ya there!


Sadie said...

Come to StarBar early, then head over to see the Dames with Ursula 1000 (he's AWESOME). Blast-Off goes on by 10, our set is 20 minutes, so you'll have plent of time to see the Dames. Just make sure to bring a toy, or it's $15. FREE with toy.

See ya!

The Atlanta Burlesque Review said...

Sweet! It's always weird how shows happen on the same night and you have to choose. Good to know that this time I won't have to.

torchy said...

You take beautiful photos! And peaunut butter IS an aweful smell, isn't it! But hey its Burlesque, and it ain't all pretty pics and purfume, brotha, lemme tell ya!! ;)

The Atlanta Burlesque Review said...


It's so nice of you to stop by and sling a compliment my way. I've been following (stalking) your career for some time now and can't wait for the next evolution.

Please keep me updated on your Lauderdale exploits and tour schedule. And when you're back in Atlanta please let me know. Maybe we can share a PBandJ.