So Like I Was Sayin' Before About Big City @ Star Bar...

Monday, May 21, 2007 | |

Now that I'm back from Africa and have taken a shower, here are some of the pix and commentary from Big City @ Star Bar on May 12.

Overall it was a fine show (Big City's acts are polished and professional like no one except maybe Dames A'flame) but a few things could have been better. Like what? The venue. Star Bar just ain't the place for burlesque. I've seen a few acts there and it's just too small in the front. Also, I paid to get in. What the hell was that about? And I had to tell someone that I was taking pictures and ask if that was cool even though I was invited to come take pictures or someone was going to snatch my camera. Color me confused, but the last guy to touch my equipment is now nicknamed Stubby. Oh, and the burlesque show didn't start until like 12 AFTER 2 really loud (but fun) bands.

Is that enough of me complaining? Yeah, I'm getting sick of me too. And while I've never paid for a show that I've taken pictures at, it was definitely worth the $7. This coming from the guy who paid $29 to see Cat Power yell drunkenly in the dark for an hour.

So what happened?

First off there was Seraphix dressed in drag. I'm not sure why. They looked hot like Klinger from M*A*S*H.

The Luchagors hit the stage next. They were for all intents and purposes excellent.

And then (finally) there was burlesque. I'll let the pix do the talking.

Maybe someday Big City will have a permanent home like the Dames have at the Vortex Midtown. It'd be quite nice. Until then, keep an eye on their schedule and bring your $10.


Enrique said...

Apologies, but we did not know you were coming. Please send me an email next time to make sure you get added to the Press List.

Thanks for the great compliments and amazingly beautiful pictures! The one of Talloolah Love in the Evil get-up is one of the best burlesque pics I have seen.

Hope to see you at our June 2nd affair!

Stage Manager

Anthony said...

Big City Burlesque is a Polished Show . . .

I really enjoy their retro show . . .

-Derek Jackson

The Atlanta Burlesque Review said...

I definitely want on the press list for the June 2 show.

Any idea who's gonna be present? I assume Talloolah, Diamond Ice, and Veronica Lashe are going to be there, anyone else?

Enrique said...

Performers for June 2nd show will include the three you mentioned. Along with Dottie von Polka, Crème Brûlée, and guest performers from Big Momma's House of Burlesque in Charlotte, NC. Mr. Z - you're on the list and hope to see you there!

Stage Manager

The Atlanta Burlesque Review said...

I'm in Enrique. I just got free tickets to 99X's Big Day Out but I'm still coming to your show, just a little later than I originally intended.

Anonymous said...


Keep your eyes peeled for a more regular venue for BCB. Our original home, My Sister's Room (or MSR) burned to the ground. A new venue is (hopefully) in the works but under wraps until we can post it for sure.

Hepcat Mike
Lead Pinstripe, Big City Burlesque

Anonymous said...

The Seraphix's dressing up came out of my e-mails with Wilcifer, their singer. I did not know that the whole band was getting gussied up for us as well. Will did say it should be "a girls' night."

~M. Anderson