Monday, May 07, 2007 | |

I hate that word: Sorry. It just sounds gross. I'm not sorry. I've just been having too much fun with my friends to show them their pictures. Forgive me. Yeah, that's a better term.

Did you guys go see BLAST OFF BURLESQUE w/ Veronica Lashe and Vagina Jenkins?

Too too bad. You missed what will some day be considered the roots of an epic burlesque festival. Check this shit out:


Dickie van Dyke said...

Thanks for the pics. You're welcome with us anytime.

Your pal,

The Atlanta Burlesque Review said...

Dear Dickie,

I think you're the bombdiggity and have for some time.

If I'm in the area code and you're performing, I'm gonna be there with spurs on.

Brilliant Z