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Friday Jan. 18
Smith's Olde Bar

The first of Calu's Lil' Peepshows for 2008 was like taking a time warp way back into 2005. But not exactly. Let me explain. This event had all of the signs of a return to form for the Dollsquad crew: Calu, Sadie, Barbalicious, Naughtalie, and Sassparilla plus card girl regulars Lisa and Suzi were all in attendance and at the top of their game.

But it wasn't all business as usual. New faces to the lineup included crowd favorites such as Moxie Cabaret's Vagina Jenkins and former Dames Aflame standout Chinita. The charmingly enigmatic Dickie Van Dyke from Blast-Off Burlesque put in some fine work as a clown, a SpaceCowboy and Chinita's lover-bull.

All-in-all a wonderful show. The attendance was decent but not a sell out the way it should have been. Maybe next time it won't occur right before Atlanta's first snowstorm of the season.

I'll keep you posted about future Peepshow happenings. Let's hope it's not another two years before we see this much talent on one stage.

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Talloolah said...

This was a great show... if you didnt see it you missed out!

Best wishes,

Talloolah Love