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Syrens of the South

Several of last night's performances were recorded as audition tapes for Miss Exotic World, so this event featured multiple debut performances and previews in front of a packed house. Tim Montieth also debuted a number that had the audience bawling with laughter. MCs Hepcat Mike and John Carney held the show together with numerous raffles (proceeds going to the Burlesque Hall of Fame) and the "Syrens Shake Up"--where three audience members had a chance to dance and shimmy--also for donations. The Syrens each performed individually, as well as performing a "sneak preview" together. Chinita of Blast-Off Burlesque and Black Mona Lisa sang "Rent" by the Pet Shop Boys and also danced a number while Alexxx Seltzer of Black Mona Lisa sang. Renea' Le Roux, Hepcat Mike and Hotsie Totsie performed excellent numbers as well, resulting in an excellent evening of entertainment.

Syrens of the South

Syrens of the South


'Salvador' said...

Cool picture of me with 'Jade Yau' and Alex. I'm honoured to be in a featured photgraph. Mollie, if you still have the other pictures I'm in, please contact me via myspace. I'd really like some copies.

Mollie Montana said...

Sure, just contact me through myspace since I'm not really sure what your name is on myspace.