Syrens of the South 1st Anniversary

Sunday, August 24, 2008 | |

Last night was the SoS 1st Anniversary Spectacular. It was held in their new home, the Relapse Theatre (big plus, no more poles blocking sight lines), and the crowd swelled to SRO. The main show was preceded by a student showcase which featured four dancers that the girls have been working with on all aspects of burlesque, from costume design to stage presence and Pasties 101. The ladies included Miss Kira (a local belly dancing instructor), Ms Lillian Torn, Miss Rosie Palms (and her tribute to "Sex and The City"), and Miss Chrystal Shawnda Leer ("How would you like to have her hanging from your ceiling?" Veronica asked). At first I couldn't remember her name - I can't imagine how I could get so distracted. After a brief intermission, the main show started with MCs John Carney and Sabrina Pandora and featured (not quite in order of appearance):

Hotsie Totsie - He loves me, he loves me not
Vagina Jenkins - Lamézing
Veronica Lashe (with John Carney) - Cake or Bed?
Hepcat Mike & Hotsie Totsie - Heat Wave and Doctor, Doctor
The Amazing Enzo
Reneá le Roux - French Poodle and The Greatest Show Unearthed

Veronica Lashe - Fan Dance
Talloolah Love - Sweet Tarts and Marilyn

The curtain call featured Talloolah's "Happy Birthday" à la Marilyn and birthday cupcakes were passed out to special guests. The Syrens' next show at the Relapse is October 4th, but if you can't wait that long, go see them at Pirate-Palooza in Decaturrrrrr Septmeberrrrrrrrrrr 20th.

I almost forgot:
Congratulations to Hepcat and Hotsie!!
Soon we'll know them as Hepdad Mike and Hotsie Momsie.


Derek Jackson said...

Great Write-Up . . . Super Show . . .

Hopefully we'll be seeing more of the students at future Syrens shows?

Mollie Montana said...

Awesome write-up, dude!

Charles said...

If I may correct; Renea's second number featured "The Greatest Show UNearthed" by Creature Feature. That dress of hers always comes with the best music.

mister wombat said...

derek and mollie - thanks!!

charles - i was going by the setlist, but i thank you for the correction.

Hepcat Mike said...

Thanks for the writeup, Mistah Wombat - and thanks for the amazingly cool photo you brought to the show - and thanks for posting our announcement in the burlesque blog!