Updates and Such

Sunday, November 09, 2008 | |

1. We're looking for more bloggers.

With the explosion of new troupes and acts we've found we (Marc, Mollie, Wombat, and DJ) can't cover the entire Southeastern region by ourselves. If you or someone you know enjoys taking pictures and going to shows or you're a performer yourself and want to give some insight from behind the scenes, LET US KNOW and JOIN THE GANG. Benefits include access to performers and free passes to shows. We can be reached at BRILLIANTZ@GMAIL.COM.

2. Calu is putting together a new troupe.

For a while now the PeepShow has been Calu + Special Guests. But from what I gathered after a photoshoot with the queen and one of her new proteges there will indeed be a new troupe and new blood on the scene.

Viva La Burlesque In Atlanta