Pigs Are NOT toxic

Monday, December 08, 2008 | |

We here at Burlesque Atlanta are noted for being absolute geeks (sexy geeks but geeks nonetheless) and thorough to a fault.

So without further ado here is an explanation of why pigs are not toxic by a noted and tenured agriculture professor whom we've consulted on the matter of swine:

"Dubious. The primary purpose of sweat glands is to cool the bod, not excrete toxins. Sweat is mostly water and salt. The liver and kidneys are the primary organs that remove toxins--for humans and pigs. Internal organs of pigs are very human like (or vice versa!) and that is why some parts are transplanted to humans.

Cattle, except Brahma and Brahma crosses, do not have sweat glands which leads to the inconvenient question: Does this person eat beef?

In general, I don't think there is merit to the statement, but there may be a few compounds that are excreted that you friend could be allergic to or have other reactions.

Short answer: Highly implausible to busted."

And yes, it still remains tasty.


Talloolah Love said...

Well regardless, makes me sick as can be when I do eat it. Remember you are what you eat marc ;-p

All the best,


--Marc Turnley--- said...

In that case I'm 3/4 Cherry Twizzler.

Mollie Montana said...

I'm 99% coffee.

But I think we knew that.

mister wombat said...

that makes me pizza (meat deluxe) and mello yello