Syrens of the South 2d Annual Spring Chicken Show

Sunday, April 19, 2009 | |

Just to prove that last year's 1st Annual Spring Chicken Show was not a lie, the ladies (and selected gentlemen) of the Syrens of the South presented their 2d helping of egg-cellent entertainment as well as a few yolks that fell flat. There were two shows, and the first one opened with a showcase featuring recent graduates of the SoS Burlesque Academy, Salvador Chali (the first Boylesque performer in SoS) and former intern (but still occasional pick-up girl), Burnadette Cinders.

Both shows featured the talented MCs John Carney and Colonel Hepcat Mike, who recently returned from his paternity leave, and the Student Showcase was hosted by Miss Katherine Lashe.

Miss Lashe and John Carney opened the show with a ditty about a very helpful rooster.
Lala Luscious gave us a torch song about, well you guessed it, a chicken.
Tupelo Honey showed us the importance of having peeps in your life and keeping them close to your heart (just not too close or they'll melt).
The Magnificent Enzo gave us another demonstration of his juggling skills.
D'lilah D'lite presented us with her tribute to "Rock-a-Doodle".
Miss Kisa von Teasa from The Fister Sisters visited from Knoxville with a tribute to the power of love. Well more like voodoo and Jean-Luc Picard.
Chad Sanborn wowed us with magic (and his assistant Rosie Palms). He's so good, he showed his skills in super-slo-mo.
Ursula Undress took us back to the 1950s, then ReneĆ” le Roux showed us why the peacock is sometimes referred to as a "fancy chicken".
Miss Lashe and Talloolah Love joined forces for the final number "Eight Piece Box" & passed out chicken snack plates to the VIP tables. Ironocially (or by design), each of our lovelies had four plates with a leg and thigh.

It was a classic & spicy show with no need for a secret recipe.

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