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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | |

Week in review!

Exclusive coverage of Burlesque from behind the pasties! Everyone knows that Syrens of the South Productions hosted the illustrious Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey this past weekend for their 2nd anniversary spectacular! If you dont, well now you do, and did you also know that Trixie and Monkey just finished up going to clown school and that they taught not one, not two but three fantastic classes at the Syrens of the South's home base to some of the biggest names in the local biz?

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Im not going to name names, but Im not ashamed to admit that this tassle twirler did a few rounds on the workshop floor and I have to say, this chick-a-pen's been doing this a long long time, and even if you think you know all there is, you're wrong, the evolution of the performer is never done and there is always room for improvement! So be sure you come out to the next few shows in the local scene to see how much the game gets stepped up after these world class performers left their mark in the next few months! Speaking of classes, have you heard that the Syrens of the South are going to restart their wildly popular ABC's and 123's of Burlesque class series on September 13th with "You've Got It! Now Flaunt It! With Rosie Palms”. Mark your calendars and be ready to step it up!!!
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Pinup Girl Cosmetics presents:
Ginger Collins and the Garter Girls at the Niche Gallary
256 Walker St., Ste 100
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August 30th 1pm
Syrens of the South Auditions
The Little Tree Studios: Syrens of the South Rehearsal Space

Bring an act or an idea to audition to be in future Syrens of the South shows. We are a production company that hires troupes, individuals and all manner of performance artist to our stage! Perform burlesque? Do vaudeville? Play the accordion? Juggle? Dance? Sing? WE WANT YOU!!! Syrens of the South performs all over the country and has been featured on NPR, AM 1690, Bust Magazine, The Boston Herald and The Tampa Bay Times to name a few of their achievements. Think you got what it takes? Email to schedule your audition time.