This Weekend in Atlanta Burlesque!

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So I had a great write up for you guys, so sorry, it got eaten by my mean ol' laptop. Not to worry a new router is SUPPOSED to be on its way.


-First of all guys, Miss Katherine Lashe has these NIFTY little tickets to Netherworld haunted house in her posession. They get you five dollars off at the door, and she gets paid for each and every one of them EVERYBODY WINS!!! Please be sure to ask her for a handful when you see her and help a pretty redhead out!

-Love this store, some of my best dresses have come from it, so check it out! They have a whole section of halloween costumes for pinup perfection!

-but of course you guys know me, my eyes always wonder over to the clothes I can wear year round! MEYOOWWW!!

-You hear the buzz from the bombshells of Blast off Burlesque??? 2009's best Burlesque troupe in Atlanta? They have those Prime Time Tickets available for sale at their website Check it out at

Those tickets go fast, and the place was PACKED TO THE GILLS last time so make sure you buy now and dont get dissapointed at the door!

Bachelor Pad Magazine is doing a Halloween give away! I know we have some REALLY creative cuties on this list so I'd like to see a Hotlanta Honey win! (that's right... I said hotlanta) GO HERE:

There are two events going on so I pity the fool that has to choose, but I simply couldn't not post both!

Who: Lelavision Physical Music and Emory College Program in Science and Society
What: The Accumulation of Change
When & Where: Friday, Oct 16, 8PM-11pm Eyedrum

“The Accumulation of Change” is both a definition of evolution and a new art science performance collaboration between Seattle’s Lelavision Physical Music and Biomolecular Chemistry Professor, Dr David Lynn of Emory University. This performance experiment, sponsored by Emory College Program in Science and Society, combines Lelavision’s hybrid genre of art (kinetic musical sculpture, music and dance) with excerpts of Dr Lynn’s research on the chemical origins of life, self-assembly, and molecular evolution.

No reservations. $15 /$10. Come early! We anticipate a good crowd for this show!

For more info on Lelavision:
For more info on Science and Society:
For more information on David Lynn:

THEN Head over to Frankin Street for Bart Webb's Birthday BASH!!!

Bart Webb's 50th Birthday Bash! ITS NIGHTMARE ON FRANKLIN STREET!!! That's right, our favorite starving artist is turning 50! Come to this Tales from the Crypt (because he's old enough for one) themed Birthday Party! There will be music, burlesque, bands and spankings! Birthday spankings that is! And what do you get the man who can create anything? I have no idea, that's why I'm asking ;)

Cover: $7

Performing on The Little Tree Stage:
8-9:30pm Heather Luttrell
9:30-10:30pm Syrens of the South
10:30-midnight Dirty Knockouts

Come out to the Little Five Points Parade!!! It's going to be a blast!!!

SUNDAY: ABC's and 123's of Burlesque Classes!

12pm -2pm
“The Business of Burlesque with Katherine Lashe”

Katherine Lashe has put together a class for people who want to take their Burlesque and performance career to the next level. She will expound on how to get your name out there and recognized on a larger scale, go over how to get the seats occupied, and how to negotiate your bookings. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional this class is essential.
Katherine Lashe, along with her business partner, began Syrens of the South Productions almost three years ago. Its resounding success has been a testament to her past managerial positions and booking finesse garnered through years of experience and trial and error.

“Burlesque Movement and Props with Katherine Lashe”

Students will be instructed in basic movements and the use of typical burlesque props such as parasols, chairs, canes and fans. Class participation is required, so students attending the class should wear comfortable clothes and high heeled shoes or character shoes. Students are encouraged to bring their own props, some will be available to borrow or purchase at the class.

Disclaimer: Classes in the ABCs & 123s Class Series are $20 each or
$60 for a four class pass, a savings of $20. The classes do have a
minimum requirement, so please email by
5pm the Friday before the class. Class schedule is subject to change
due to availability.
Location: Syrens of the South Rehearsal Space at Little Tree Studios
2842 Franklin St
Avondale Estates, GA 30002


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