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Next Meeting: January 4th 2011

At previous Atlanta Burlesque and Cabaret Club meetings we have discussed that the club meetings do better with a topic of conversation. At the last meeting we all chatted briefly about the movie "Burlesque" we all said a big ol' gaggle of us should hit the new movie "Burlesque" in the movie theatre. We all knew this thing was going to be an atrocity, but then, in the process of planning a decked out descent upon the movie theatre I read something that gave me pause... a moment to reconsider putting my hard earned sheckles into seeing a film that pretty much smacks of absolute ignorance of a genre we all sweat, bleed, and cry for because we love it so.

Let's face it my bedazzled brethren of boundless bounty... we don't make much for the thing we love. Is it really a good thing to put one dime behind something that really just does not get what burlesque really is? I am not going to even attempt to say what my dear friend Tigger! has put so eloquently and succinctly down already. And I for one haven't totally made up my mind either. But I thought that Tigger!'s words are so nicely said, sharing this illumination with our little community would do a lot of good. So here it is, and I would invite you to discuss with me, or with others in the local scene your feelings on it as well ladies and gents, if you haven't had the divine pleasure already, the retarded genius himself, Tigger!:

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 23:45:08 +0000
Subject: [missexoticworld] Burlesque- the movie or the art form?

I finally broke down and responded to questions about the movie they happened to call "Burlesque." I know, I know. Another one? I can only offer that it is not a review, just a response to some of the press:

"I will not join the chorus of my burlesque brethren reviewing the film because I have not seen it. I have read and heard enough reviews to know that I'm not interested in paying for what will likely be a disappointing experience. (Maybe I'll rent it some drunken night next year.) I'm not livid that it's out there, I just don't think I'd enjoy the film, regardless of its title. It has also been made clear that it does not reflect burlesque as our community knows/practices/cherishes it. I do recognize the opportunity that this film's publicity presents for us to get new audiences in to see what we do, even if they were expecting something quite different. I support a very broad definition of burlesque and can live with the fact that mine has very little in common with Mr. Antin's.

However, I do take exception to this sniffing attitude of superiority to dirty strippers. Down & dirty strippers (and confrontational performance artists too) are every bit as much our forebears as cabaret and vaudeville artists. Burlesque is a working class art form. It historically employs low humor to skewer self-righteous so-called high culture. It lampoons politics and is a political art form itself, especially in our puritanical society. These are essential elements. It seems to me that his film does none of these things. Another critical element in burlesque is Self-Expression. That is very difficult to achieve when you're trotting out tired imitations of Fosse's brilliant work. Most artists feel strongly that you do not celebrate your heroes by merely imitating them but by learning from them and perhaps feeling their influence here and there in your own original work.

Attitudes like those attributed to Antin & Culpepper in the press suggest that they seek to "elevate" burlesque. (From The Advocate: "The two shared a vision of burlesque — musical parody with sexual innuendo, as it originated in Europe in the 1800s, before it got muddled together with stripping.") These people who strive to make burlesque highbrow are working to kill it. When burlesque becomes elitist and ceases to connect with real people, it ceases to be burlesque. By all means, we should be intelligent and subtle and witty in our work, but we have to achieve the high/low balancing act. We need to deliver thoughtful content and practiced artistry while Entertaining the people in the cheap seats.

Similarly, opera used to be for everyone and was lively and exciting. Opera stars used to be rock stars. Once upon a time, ordinary working class people could afford to see it and even had fun at the opera. As far as most ordinary people today are concerned, opera is as good as dead. I do not want to see that happen to burlesque."

xxx Tigger!

SOOOOoooo... now that you have read that, I would love to know your feelings on the matter. I personally feel that the Opera point is an interesting topic, and i would very much like to talk about how that correlates to our art form in your opinion.
So THAT is our next topic of conversation for the January Atlanta Burlesque and Cabaret Meetup!

Southern Fried Burlesque Fest March 10-13, 2011

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So there's a group of crazy people that thinks we need even more burlesque in Atlanta!  I'm not talking about more troupes or more shows, I'm talking about bringing internationally acclaimed burlesque performers from around the world for a full weekend of Classes, Panels, Vendors, and Shows!  That's where the 1st Annual Southern Fried Burlesque Fest comes in!  On March 10-13, 2011 we're going to be invaded by more burlesque hotness then you can shake a stick at, not even a pointed stick!  With special guests already booked including Miss Exotic World 2004 Dirty Martini, The Head Mistress of the New York School of Burlesque Jo Boobs and  our own original firecracker Miss Torchy Taboo, this is going to be a weekend of pure awesomeness!

What's that?  You want to be involved in the amazing event?  Well, here's how!

Want to Volunteer?  We're looking for people to help us spread the word about the event, help with the vendors, drive guests to and from the airport, work registration and sometimes just help us make buttons.  If you're interested in helping out please email southernfriedburlesquefest@gmail.com.

If you would like to sponsor this amazing event please check out the Sponsor Form and pick a level of sponsorship that works best for you.  We have sponsor levels for as little as $50, but wait, if you choose to become a sponsor by May 31st you can get your $500 or less sponsor package for only HALF PRICE!  That's right, so that $50 sponsor level is only $25, $100 is only $50, $250 is only $125 and $500 is only $250!  Save money and sponsor this amazing event by being an early adopter!

Vendors, Vendors Vendors!  Come sell you wares for three days to all the glitterati of Atlanta and beyond!  Vendor booths will be open to the public so from 9-6pm Fri-Sun it will be an open mall of shinny so anyone can come and buy your wares!  And if you want to stay open during the amazing shows at night for extra time to sell, you can do that too!  As our performance space seats almost 1,000 people you'll have plenty of chances to make a killing!  As a special, if you buy your space by May 31st you can get your vendor booth for the weekend for only $100 instead of $150 on June 1st, SAVING YOU $50!

There's lots of ways to help make this event happen so please don't hesitate to contact us about volunteering, being a sponsor, being a vendor or if you have any questions at all!  Thank you so much and we're really excited to help bring so much amazing talent to Atlanta and to show the world all the amazing talent Atlanta has to offer!

This Week in Atlanta Burlesque!

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Hey all ((Whew!!!)) Who knew things would get this hectic both in the real world, and in the glam-bam-thank you ma'am glittery world of burlesque!?!

My humblest apologies for what may seem to be just a massive ammount of slackitude, but I have just been a whirlwind of busy these past couple of weeks! FYI: In case you all haven't noticed, I did set the settings on this group to allow everyone to post their events if I go through periods like this, so please feel free to POST POST POST anything you might feel is relevant to the Atlanta Burlesque scene!


-Ursula Undress made runner up for the Miss Viva Las Vegas Competition this year!!! GO GIRL GO!!! You are a wonderful attribute to the Atlanta Burlesque Scene and we are all proud of you!

- At long last!!! The Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum finds a new home in downtown Las Vegas, JUST IN TIME for the Miss Exotic World Competition and Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion. Hurrah! The museum, which was first opened by former burlesque star Dixie Evans, is the home of an extensive collection of burly memorabilia, including Sally Rand's fans and the ashes of Miss Sheri Champagne. Check out the story here: http://tinyurl.com/yk3xjdf
This Week in Atlanta Burlesque!

TONIGHT: Come out Monday April 5th to The Gravity Pub in East Atlanta for Psychobilly Freakout! We had an opening, they had an opening, we decided "why not."

All your favorite 'billy music brought to you by Garage71 in the East Atlanta Villiage

Location: The Gravity Pub
Street: 1257 Glenwood Avenue SE
City/Town: Atlanta, GA.

It begins at 8pm, so come out and we can share a hamdog!

WEDNESDAY: The monthly Atlanta Burlesque and Cabaret Meetup!

This is the last one at the James Joyce Irish Pub before we move to a new location! Everyone come on out! I have never gotten so many emails of people planning to come to the event, so I am really looking forward to it! See you there!

Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: James Joyce Irish Pub
Street: 22 North Avondale Road
City/Town: Avondale Estates, GA


Date: Thursday, April 8, 2010
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Eyedrum Gallery and Art Space

Atlanta's "Best Burlesque Dancer" and noted exhibitionist has been accepted to perform at the prestigious LONDON BURLESQUE WEEK! (http://londonburlesquefest.com/VAGINA-JENKINS).

One small problem....$700 in travel costs! YIKES!

There could have been a bake sale, a car wash, a knit-a-thon but no, Vagina Jenkins believes in spectacle and grandeur. So instead there's an amazing show!

Performances from folks like:

Burlesque Bernadette Cinders
Burlesque Drag Queen Fonda Lingue
Puppetry from Tim Monteith
King of the Teabag Al Schlong
Interpretive hip hop dance from Twinhead Theatre Company
Femmecee Andi Rocks
A tribute to Vaginas from Lala Luscious
Dirty Lyra Aerial magic from Sadie Hawkins
Smutty Spoken Erotic from Kathleen Delaney
Sultry vocals from Jill Sutton
Drag King Devin Liquor
Drag kinG and Lord of the Dance K.E.V.I.N.
Saucy stripteaser Kitty Love
Sultry Syren of the South Talloolah Love

Musical interludes from

The Gazelles--50's inspired grrrl rock

Nefertiti and the Neftunes --acoustic hip hop gangsterism, made of love, light,liberation and labias

Uncle Daddy and the Kissing Cousins –Moonshine fueled, Neo, Post Punk, Olde Thyme, Junkyard Jug Band music for makin’ whoopie, family style.

And the one-night-only world premier of Johnny Drago's latest theatrical masterpiece:

Prom style photography with your date and VAGINA JENKINS HERSELF! By S. Andre Keichan


Come See some Fresh Meat!!!

Who: Syrens of the South Productions
What: The Third Annual Spring Chicken show!
When: Saturday, April 10, 2010
Doors: Student Showcase at 6pm $5
Full Shows at 7pm and 10pm, $10 in advance, $15 at the door
Where: Little Tree Studios (Behind the James Joyce)
2842 Franklin St
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

It's a Cock-a-Billy Show of EPIC PROPORTION!!!

6PM - THE BLUE PLATE SPECIAL!!! Don’t miss out on the fourth Student showcase! This fresh hot bunch of betties and beaus are putting it all up for order and performing for the very first time on the Syrens of the South Stage!

7PM and 10PM - The Syrens are doing it again, this time it’s a NEW and IMPROVED recipe! Come check out these hot menu items at the Third Annual Spring Chicken Show! Spring has sprung and the Syrens are feeling especially… spring-ey with a fantastic bevy of blue ribbon belles and beaus!

Special guests include the finger lickin' good Kisa von Teasa and Siren Santina of Salome Cabaret of Knoxville, TN!

More four piece boxes are in this show than the local KFC! So rattle out those winter cobwebs folks, and head to Little Tree Studios for some laughs, some lollygagging, and be ready for SON OF CHICKEN GUN!!!