The Week In Burlesque 11/25-12/2

Saturday, December 02, 2006 | |

OK, so the week's not over but there's so much burlesque going on that I have to talk.

Where to start?

First there was Kingsized / Dames-A-Flame's Holiday Spectacular at the Variety Playhouse on November 25. It was spectacular in every sense of the word. I took some out of town guests to the show and they were speechless. Big Mike and Kingsized band (2 backup singers, a 3 piece horn section, Sweet Dick on keyboard, an acoustic bassist, and a lead guitarist) swung through the holiday standards with precision, humor and general rockabilly mayhem.

Backing the band were the Dames on a raised platform twirling and jumping to the delight of the audience. My only complaint was that we didn't get to see the Dames out front until the very end of the show. I recognize it was a Kingsized event but one never gets enough of Luna Lux and the gang.

From there I was supposed to go see Sadie Hawkin's new BLAST OFF BURLESQUE at the Plaza Theatre but I was too late. Next time I swear I'll be there on time!

On Wednesday it was another burlesque double-header. This time I didn't miss.

First I stopped by THE STAR BAR to see a brand new burlesque troupe culled from the waitstaff at Apres Diem restaurant called BLACK SHEEP BURLESQUE. They went the naughty school girl route with a fair amount of success and a very large crowd.

I didn't stay to see the entire show because I was due to see my favorite model CALU and her Peep Show at DJANGO BAR. This was particularly cool because the woman who brought the burlesque revival to Atlanta was set to perform. Yeah, I'm talking about the original original Dame-A-Flame TORCHY "FUCKING" TABOO!!!

CALU did a number that I call "Kitten Dangerous" revealing that

A. She's not afraid of the floors at Django
B. She's part funky funky cat
C. She's not missing her morning workouts

I'll report back with more picture links and stories from tonight's festivities.


MonkeyZuma said...

Hola, Senor Turnley! Whatta great site you've got goin' here. Your amazing photos are proof of the lively 'n talented and diverse burlesque scene what thrives in this rich 'n sullied metropolis of ours. One lil' note for yer's "Dames Aflame" (just two words, no hyphens). Also, here are some additional Dames Aflame dates in the coming weeks:
Sat Dec 16 Dames Aflame a Go Go with Ursula 1000 at Halo.
Sun Dec 31 MonkeyZuma and Dames Aflame a Go Go with Tongo Hiti Orchestra at the New Year's Eve Princess Cruiser Ball at Trader Vic's.
Fri Jan 26 Dames Aflame's Showbiz What Sizzles at Laughing Skull Lounge (8:30pm and 11:00pm).
Sat Feb 3 MonkeyZuma and Dames Aflame a Go Go with Tongo Hiti at Trader Vic's.
Fri Feb 16 Dames Aflame's Showbiz What Sizzles at Laughing Skull Lounge (8:30pm and 11:00pm).
Thanks for representin'!
'nanners~ Zuma

The Atlanta Burlesque Review said...

Sweet Monkey Goodness!

Thanks for all of the love and the updates. I can't wait to check out the Elvis show. I've never been but I keep hearing reports that say it's a must-see.

Quick question: How has being named "The Best Burlesque Performer In Atlanta 2006" by Creative Loafing changed you? Do you get free stuff and a parking space? Inquiring minds wanna know.

MonkeyZuma said...

It was an honor to be nominated the Loaf's "Best Burlesquer". The pay ain't great, but there's perks aplenty. I got a call from MAC for a free make-over. Spa Sydell sent me a certificate for a year's supply of hair removal services. And Buckhead Aesthetics has offered me complimentary costmetic surgery. After 8 years in the biz, this ol' monkey will take any help she can get to maintain her fine frame and countenance. Hey, mister, you got any loose food you ain't usin'?

The Atlanta Burlesque Review said...

Well damn, MZ, I'll be sure to bring you a Gillette donation and a naner to the show.

torchy said...

Well, damn! I'm particularily flattered!! That (Django)was THE funnest ATL show I think I've ever done, BTW!
FYI, I have moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL to continue pioneering Burlesque into the fartherest regions of the US and the globe...I'll be pushing a hot Tiki vibe to the maximum and have already begun to taste the exotic nectar of Latin influenced performers here...WOW! I auditions coming soon for a new troup...a troup to rival anything I've ever created before, soon to be seen nation-wide!
I'm also hot on the trail of the amazing Low-brow art scene here, and will be performing in accordance as much as possible...starting with the Psycho-Tikis are Go Art Show Jan 26th.
You can still find me and my show dates, theoretically ;)(even though my web-site is down, damn-it! But she'll rise again, fresh and sassy) at my Yahoo Group called House of Heat.
Thanks again...look for me collaborating with Calu, Suzi San Souci, Barbilicious & Sadie Hawkins when I can get up there...
Oh and be sure to check out my new ATL Burlesque favorite Dickie Van Dyke of Blast off Burlesque...Off the chain!!!!
Love to all Ya'll,