Personality Of The Month: July

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 | |


Oh how I wish I could say that I hang out with Calu every day and that we take lunch and drink PBR on the regular and how I just shoot with her whenever I get the odd whim.

We don't. The girl's got a serious schedule. Between early morning workouts, burlesque performances, and her new full time gig as a tattoo artist, Calu is a workaholic demon.

So in lieu of lunchtime gab, I sent her some questions via email that I've always wanted to know the answer to:

Christopher Walken is on your left arm. What would you say if you met him face to face?

"More Cowbell!"

Do women like porn?

"Some do ..some don`t."


"I think that for the women that don`t are too afraid of their own sexuality or conservative or not really watched one in the proper context, they're really funny as hell too. Get in touch ladies..I mean literally".

As a sex goddess you've been hit on a million times. Give me one pickup line that actually worked or at least amused you.
"None... and i`m not a sex goddess!"

If they made a movie of The Dollsquad Burlesque Revue (CALU is a founding member), what Hollywood actresses plays you, Ginger, Sadie, and Barb? Sassparilla the blue gorilla?

"Ginger _-Gina Gershon, Sadie-jenifer Tily ,Barb- naomi watts..and me Posh spice...just kiddin..em maybe..Juliette Lewis."

How does the movie end?

"With a big atomic explosion and us fighting burlesque zombies!"

Describe the worst burlesque routine you've ever personally witnessed.

"My own when it goes wrong!"

What do you use to attach your pasties?

"Hot glue"

You have NERD tattooed on your knuckle.
What's the nerdiest thing you've done this week?

"Clean off my Star Trek toys"