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1 You're recognized as the best pure dancer in the burlesque Atlanta scene. How long have you been training and where'd you get your start?

Why thank you. That is a very nice compliment!

I started hula dancing as well as performing in front of audiences at the age of 7 . One of my first hula dance performances, I recall my hands shaking so much because I was too nervous. I still get nervous today but I like to channel that energy into intensity.

I took some ballet and jazz in my late teens. Additionally, I danced at some of the Atlanta adult exotic clubs during the 90's which I feel contributed with my stripteasing abilities. ;)

Getting lost in dance music is the finest high for me.and I used to hit a lot of the old school Atlanta dance clubs like the Chamber, The Velvet, Club Kaya and The Star Bar. By the late 90's I was go-go dancing around several local nigthclubs and art events. I learned a lot through the Atlanta dance clubs because my favorite teachers were those I could connect with on the dance floor. You would always catch me dancing at least 3 - 4 nights a week back in those days.

2 What's the worst job you've ever had?

I must admit it's been waiting tables. I get flighty and lose patience after a while because I'd rather be dancing, singing or painting.

3 Blast Off Burlesque is known for its sexy wackiness, do you guys bikini wrestle in baby oil backstage or….is that just something I've been fantasizing about? Does Dickie Van Dyke win?
Of course you aren't fantasizing. It's all TRUE! We also love mud wrestling cuz it's great for your skin. And yes, Dickie always wins.

4 Tell me a dirty joke.

Cat poop and doggie doo doo.

5 You're a secret agent in a Bond movie, what's your spy name? Keep in mind Dr. Holly Goodhead, Pussy Galore, Penelope Smallbone, Plenty O'Toole, and Honey Ryder are already taken.
I've used the name, Via Agra.
And sometimes I've used, Maxx. Gluteous Maxx... (say it with a British accent)

6 Most unusual place you've made love? Bonus points if you include the phrase "but the priest didn't mind."
Hmm... Well when I was just a little dumpling, I once had sex in "Purgatory" at the Masquerade. Yup, that's right. But the priest didn't mind because when I confessed my sins he wanted more details. I just told him it was a straight shot to heaven after that fateful night. Naughty devil-girl I am.

7 I've noticed a trend in teaching burlesque dance to housewives. Does your performance persona carry over to domestic life? Does burlesque make you a sexier partner? Tips, tricks? Pole in the bedroom? C'mon, just help a brotha out.
There's nothing more fun than putting on some high heels, sexy lingerie and dancing around to your favorite music. Do up your hair and make up. It just feels sexy! Experimenting and practice makes perfect. Once you're ready, go play show and tell with your honey. Most important, I believe in embracing, expressing and appreciating your own sexuality.

Btw... which "pole in the bedroom" were you talking about??

8 You're a very principled person but who was the last person you sucked up to and why?
I really don't like sucking up to anyone. I just like being myself.

9 What method do you use to attach your tassels?

I have used eyelash glue and double stick tape. Spirit gum is my main method although sometimes it would be kinda nice to have a particular cute boy putting the tassels on for me.

10 You wake up tomorrow and you've got a new super power: Can you fly, bend steel, or become invisible? How would you use this new super power in your burlesque act?
I would fly of course! I'd shimmy around and fly into the sky. At the end of my act all you would see were my tassels and underwear falling on top of your head.