Carnal Carnivale: A Boo-lesque Spectacular

Sunday, October 05, 2008 | |

... and was it ever spectacular!!! For those that missed this, woe unto thee when the punishment is handed down. Yet another SRO crowd greeted our Syrens and their special guests from Blast Off Burlesque, The Fister Sisters of Salomé Cabaret, recent graduates of Burlesque 101, and two other amazing performers. As an added treat, there was the public humiliation of a friend on her birthday. This show had it all. Well, almost all. Miss Talloolah Love had a family engagement that took her from us for the evening. I think she's got some making up to do...

Our hosts for the evening were Beetlejuice (John Carney) and The Wicked Witch (Sabrina Pandora). John's character was 800 years old - sadly a lot of his jokes were, too. Thank goodness for Sabrina for never letting them fall flat (the jokes, because not too much else could fall flat around her!).

Our evening started off with a belly dance featuring Miss DeLacey Santini from Knoxville. I think "Wow!" is all the words I can manage to describe her. She returned later to mesmerise us again, and did she ever. Here's the rest of what you missed:

Monster Go Go - Blast Off Burlesque's Barbalicious, Sadie Hawkins, and Dickie Van Dyke
Solo dances by Bette Noire, Kisa Von Teasa, and Siren Santina
Black and Orange - Reneá le Roux
God Save The Queen - Miss Lashe

15 minutes later, after catching our breath, the show had to go on!

Crazy Appetites - Rosie Palms
The Fortune Teller - Chrystal Shawnda Leer
Magica! - Sneaky McFly from Asheville. He juggled and swallowed swords & showed off an amazing piece of wood that just kept growing.
The Fister Sisters returned to the stage as bawdy flappers - imagine that! The choreography was wonderful! I think burlesque should be an Olympic sport based on seeing this.
Next was DeLacey's second dance. Think traditional belly dance with modern flavour.
I Ain't Got Nobody (Skinless) - Miss Lashe. If only I'd grown up seeing her on TV instead of Slim Goodbody......
and closing out the night
Dragula - Reneá le Roux as the hottest Lily Munster you've ever seen.

Curtain calls and kudos - then we got kicked out.

If you still haven't made it to a show, what are you waiting for? The next one?
Details to follow...


Derek Jackson said...

Awesome Review . . .

SoS keeps getting Better and Better, each and every show . . .

The Fister Sisters said...

We had such a great time!!

Talloolah Love said...

well my my... I wonder how I should have to deliver my restitution ;)

Great Review, hope to wow you all at the next show!


mister wombat said...

TFS - thanx for a wonderful evening. nice to see you again.

TL - yeah, you owe us. :)

--Marc Turnley--- said...

Killer show and a good job reporting MW.

Count me in for the next one.

Daniel said...

A man with a ten foot pole is hard to find. Thanks for finding me! Sneaky McFly
"It ain't easy being Sneaky"

Delacey said...

Thanks for a great review! i had such a blast...looking forward to the next time!