Syrens of the South Holiday Feast

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 | |

My apologies for the tardiness in posting. It's been a rough week at chez wombat.

This most recent edition of the Syrens' show included another showcase, and what a turnout! The dancers were all incredible, and they had a sizable cheering section to boot. Way to spread the words, ladies! The latest class of graduates for this showcase were:

Tupelo Honey
La La Luscious
D'lilah D'Lite
and Betsy Stryper & Harley Heinz

You ladies were all wonderful.

After a brief intermission to redress the stage, and the dancers, it was time for the big show. Hosted by that dynamic duo of John Carney and Sabrina Pandora, the jokes were flying almost as fast as the bras. Fortunately there were some amazing dancers to keep us all entertained.

What's a feast without food? Blast-Off Burlesque provided the sustinence with their Food Dance to kick off the night. Next up was Miss Talloolah Love (with assistance from a Steam Punk Q) as a Clockwork Doll. She was followed by Katherine Lashe's Holiday Fan Dance. Tim Monteith & His Girls did a rollicking version of the Pointer Sisters' Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town. The first half was closed with ReneĆ” le Roux's interpretation of Winter.

The second half began with a visit from Jesus (David Baldwin) who just wanted to get His birthday back from the Fat Guy. Our next two performers were among the first graduating class, Rosie Palms (Xmas Tree Fantasy) and Chrystal Shawnda Leer (Yule). Elvis entered (and left) the building thanks to Tim Monteith. The lovely and award-winning Vagina Jenkins showed us how to celebrate a Funky Kwanzaa. The entire cast came together to perform The Heatmiser with help from Hepcat Mike. After a full feast, you need to work off the food, so Blast-Off returned to get us all Physical.

In a miracle of the season, we even were witnesses to a marriage proposal! Lauren & Sabrina - congratulations to you both! Thank you for sharing your special moment with us.

Here is my photo set from the feast.

The Syrens would like to thank everyone for coming out, especially those who helped to donate to the Toys For Tots drive. You are all invited to the next spectacular on Valentine's Day.


Derek Jackson said...

Nice Review . . .

The Syrens always put on a Great Show . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi, just what we've been looking for! When's the next performance... pls don't make us wait til Val day!!
u can email me at

ps-Thanks for sharing the pics.