Help Send a Dame to Vegas

Thursday, January 01, 2009 | |

Talloolah Love is competing for a coveted spot in the Miss Viva Las Vegas competition and voting started TODAY !!!

Some of you may remember that Katherine Lashe got to go last year thanks to an overwhelmingly successful campaign that tied her for the most votes received in the voting stage.

The Miss Viva Las Vegas Burlesque competition is held once a year, Only SIX performers get to compete every year based on popularity and Talloolah needs your support to help get her there!

Be sure to pass it along to your friends because every vote counts !!! I have my fingers crossed that you all will participate in sending an Atlanta girl to the bright lights of Vegas to do her city proud!

Voting starts January 1st and goes till the end of the month, so go vote ! ! !

Also, I would like to unveil Talloolah's audition montage thanks to the Syrens Fabulous videographer, Diane!


Sex Toy Lady said...

Hey! I got to your site through Radlanta. Awesome blog! BTW, I voted!