Atlanta Burlesque is Burning it UP!!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 | |


First off duckies, we have two... count'em... TWO contestants going to the Miss Viva Las Vegas competition this year... can I get a Rockabilly HELL YAH!?! Seriously guys, getting two girls from the south in the competitions one thing but getting two from Atlanta??? I'm so proud I could burst!

Congratulations Gia Nova, and Ursula Undress!!! You go and show them how rockabilly's done in its home town!!! ;)

Now everyone... START SCRAPING PENNIES TOGETHER!!! We gotta go to Vegas and show our girls our love!!! (the contest is judged by how loud your fans are) So bring your screaming voice...kay??!!??

Sorry, I can't top that... you'll get more BurleyQ scene updates once I've replaced the buttons I've popped ;)

This Week in Atlanta Burlesque:

WEDNESDAY (yes that's tomorrow):

Meetup, be there or be square!!!

8pm at the James Joyce in Avondale Estates.


This Weekend, Katherine Lashe and Renea' Le Roux head out to Dallas for the Dallas Burlesque Festival.

Talloolah Love... yeah, that's me, will be meeting up with Miss Renea' Le Roux because they are heading out to Charlotte for the Valentease Show put on by Big Mamma D herself at the historic Visualite Theatre. Burlesque done Southern style's hot like fire guys!!!


12pm Beyond Boobies, put some hep in your step! With Hotsie Totsie

After a decade of training in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and Renaissance dancing, Hotise Totsie got hep to the jive. Now this burlesque baby puts some swing in her step! In Beyond Boobies, Hotsie will teach you how to borrow moves from the stars of the Cotton Club, the Folies Bergeres, the Vegas Strip, and the silver screen -- even if you have no formal dance experience. It's burlesque appeal with or without the reveal! The class is open to guys and dolls. Wear clothes you can move in --high heels, if you can handle them!

2pm They shimmied, they smoked, they spooned, and they sizzled. They cut their hair short and their hemlines shorter. And when the depression hit, their bare skin raised spirits higher than the arch in their eyebrows. These were the bad girls of the twenties and thirties. This class will focus on the moves that grew out of the radical new styles of entertainment, dress, and behavior in the crazy decades between the Wars.

ABCs & 123s Burlesque Classes are $20 each or you can by a four class pass for $60, making each class only $15, saving you $20. Workshops do have a minimum attendance requirement, so if you plan to be there please send us an email to pre-register at no later than 5pm the Friday before the scheduled class if you have not already prepaid for the class or if you are planning on using a class pass. All classes are intended for ages 18+, all sexes, genders and sexual preferences unless otherwise noted. There is no nudity in any of our classes or productions.

Remember everyone! Syrens of the South's Valentines Day Show tickets are on sale, buy them online now and you get a discount! Go to today!