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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | |

She was accepted into the London Burlesque Festival Folks!!! That's gonna take some dough don't you know?!? Lets support a local lady and get her hopping the pond in a plane rather than a rowboat!

You know how awesome The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins is as a performer. You know, the crazy gloves peels, the sexy bedroom eyes, the 30 minute striptease marathons, the spectacle, the pure electricity!

Well, if you've experienced it, share it, I say!


From the secret diaries of the sexy lady herself:
"...Recently I checked in with my good friends at Delta and found the cheapest flight for $701....ouch!

As you know, my day job is as a server at a local diner. It would take me a little less than 2 months of wages to make $701--assuming I had absolutely no bills and didn't eat anything ;-)

I'm going to need a little community support, y'all!"

So throw her a fin or two guys! I know she will love you for it! There's nothing so good as Vagina Love!!! ;)


ABS Festival Applications are being accepted everyone! We absolutely LOVE this festival guys, it's a lot of fun and a great way to network locally. Go... check it out, even if you don't get to showcase, this is just a weekend of debauchery and partying with some amazing eye candy in and around the glamoratti of burlesque, sideshow and beyond in the mountainous setting of the Paris of the South! So you must go... you WILL have fun!!!


This Week in Atlanta Burlesque!

ABC's and 123's of Burlesque!

"Vintage Hair Syles with Talloolah Love”
When:Sun, February 21,
12pm – 2pm
Where: Syrens of the South Rehearsal Space at Little Tree Studios 2842 Franklin Street Avondale Estates, GA 30002
“Vintage Hair Styles with Talloolah Love” Talloolah Love has been doing the up-do’s with vintage flair and emphasis on glamor for the past six years. She can show you the secret formula for polishing your look on stage with the perfect coif. It is advisable to bring a camera and be prepared to take notes. Talloolah Love has made her name within stylist circles from her experience with weddings, Hair fashion shows with Aveda, and photo shoots done all over Atlanta. She feels that vintage hairstyles are a lost art and wishes to share it in a fun and practical way to the modern femme fatale!

2pm – 4pm
"Vintage Make-up with Stormy Knight"
Syrens of the South Rehearsal Space at Little Tree Studios 2842 Franklin Street Avondale Estates, GA 30002
Come learn the basics of vintage-style makeup, from the roaring smokey 20's to the pop blooming 60's, from professional makeup artist Audrey Starphoenix, also known as the bellydance and burlesque performer Stormy Knight. Starphoenix has been a professional makeup artist for 6 years and will show you the subtle differences from era to era and how to translate these to photo or stage. Come prepared to take notes and bring any makeup you have questions about.
ABCs & 123s Burlesque Classes are $20 each or you can by a four class pass for $60, making each class only $15, saving you $20. Workshops do have a minimum attendance requirement, so if you plan to be there please send us an email to pre-register at no later than 5pm the Friday before the scheduled class if you have not already prepaid for the class or if you are planning on using a class pass. All classes are intended for ages 18+, all sexes, genders and sexual preferences unless otherwise noted.