In Loving Memory of Jessica Patterson

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 | |

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I share the passing of one of our own. Jessica was born February 26th, 1979 and passed away on February 15th, 2010. She was survived by 2 children Rachel and Ethan, her loving partner Jaclyn and all of those who will remember the wonderful person that she was. No matter her faults, Jes always stood for what she believed in, even when no one else did. She saw good in others that no one would even take notice in. She was stronger than most and faced her own mortality with a courage that most of us lack in life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 at the tender age of 27. She fought a long, hard battle that many of us will be blessed to never know, but it is important that we acknowledge what she went through and the disease that she fought so long and hard only to surrender to its physical decay. Jessica did not lose the battle, she won the hearts of everyone that has ever crossed her path and she will be remembered and revered as an icon of hope for the survivors of women who have passed with this terrible disease that doctors say she was too young to die from. Her life may have been short, but in her death, she has become a warrior for young women diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and a Hero to her children

Big City was introduced to Jessica in October of 2009. They had been struggling to find a Breast Cancer Charity that would be willing to work with a burlesque troop and decided just to send the proceeds of their picture sales to whichever charity Jessica chose. When asked where she wanted the proceeds from the sales of her pictures to go, she said "I want the money to go to the kids who have lost a mom to Breast Cancer". As it turns out, there is no such foundation. There are plenty of Scholarship Foundations for colleges, but nothing to help a child overcome the emotional damage caused by watching a parent waste away to cancer. The Jessica Patterson Foundation was created to do just that. The proceeds from the sales of the entire Pink Ribbon Series, will go to help support the emotional and financial needs of children who have lost a parent or loved one to Cancer.

To my peers in the Burlesque community,
Regardless of who you are, weather you work as an open agent or you're in a troupe, Breast Cancer affects all of us, it is the great equalizer in our world. We are all daughters, sisters, and some of us are mothers. So it is with all hope and without agenda that I ask you to share her story with your fans, friends, family and loved ones. And the next time you're back stage, Check your Boobies!!!! Check your friends boobies!!!

Special Thanks to:
Dim Horizon Studio for generously donating countless hours in photography, editing, and services for the cause.